About us

What is Bamzoo?

Bamzoo.in is a vision, with an objective of promoting eco-friendly, biodegradable products made from Bamboo, wood, and cane along with the indigenous handicraft culture of our people.  It is our goal to not make eco-friendly products a rarity, but a need. Replacing the daily household items with handmade ones is beneficial for both us and the nature.

Bamzoo.in has the following goals:

  • Wide spreading the handicraft and bamboo culture of the North-east.
  • Bringing recognition to the indigenous population and their proud traditions.
  • Promoting eco-friendly and affordable products while reducing plastic waste.
  • Innovation of new eco-friendly products to replace the existing detrimental ones.
  • By the year of 2023, providing 10,000 families of India with quality eco-friendly products that they use in their day-to-day life.
  • Promoting the Make in India movement.


Our origin

Bamzoo was started from a simple idea. The idea was to increase the use of eco-friendly products in daily life. As the global temperature of the world keeps rising and so does the amount of plastic waste which is degrading the quality of natural habitats on land and marine life.

Plastic has its uses, it is one of the most used materials in the world for a reason and while it didn’t seem impactful at first, the cost of plastic is too high and we’re not talking about the economic cost.

Single-use plastic is literally what it means, thrown after being used once. All the plastic waste isn’t thrown into some fantasy world where plastic magically disappears, it stays on Earth, as waste, as waster takes hundreds of years to degrade naturally and causes harm to the natural flora and fauna.

There is several different types of plastic, each more harmful than the other

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): Water bottles, dispensing containers, biscuit trays

High—density polyethylene (HDPE): Shampoo bottles, milk bottles, freezer bags, ice cream containers

Low—density polyethylene (LDPE): Bags, trays, containers, food packaging film

Polypropylene (PP): Potato chip bags, microwave dishes, ice cream tubs, bottle caps, single-use face masks

Polystyrene (PS): Cutlery, plates, cups

Expanded polystyrene (EPS): Protective packaging, hot drinks cups


So, how does Bamzoo help the nature?

That’s where our story started. We started thinking of different approaches that would help us meet our main goal: helping the nature.

We thought of handmade natural products that would essentially be the replacement for the plastic products but at the same time, it is not easy to mass produce handmade products. COVID-19 was a massive blow to the employment of many but it affected the under-privileged ones far more. We want to spread natural products while also providing stable jobs to these craftsmen that work hard to produce these products. Mass production would obviously be handled by machines but they won’t be replacing the human workforce.

We are young entrepreneurs of Assam, India. It has always been our vision to live in a healthy climate for a healthier us. We are always trying to innovate new improvements that can ultimately lead us to match the goals we set for ourselves and we hope that you can help us realize them too.

We are people of action; we want our work to reflect our unspoken words.

Let us make the world a better place to live. Together.