Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws?

Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws?

Author: Anupama Pawar

Straws are made up of plastic and are widely used in our day-to-day lives. Be it from drinking juices, coconut water, or any other fluids, we knowingly or not knowingly use a load of plastic straws. Can’t we end the use of plastic straws? Now the question arises, what to use instead of that? Bamboo straws are the best alternative and replacement for plastic straws.

Bamboo is evergreen and fast-growing plant. They are hollow from within and used for various arrays. Be it a cocktail party or a coffee date, straws are used on every occasion. So, why not dump plastic straws and use bamboo straws instead! Here are 10 reasons why you should use Bamboo straws:

  • Eco-friendly

Bamboo is an excellent source of the plant by which varieties of products are made. As bamboos are fast-growing, it does not much affect the environment. Bamboo has more oxygen percentage as compared to other plants and absorbs carbon dioxide.They are made all-natural by bamboo plants and are sustainable.


Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws? (www.bamzoo.in)
  • Safe and Healthy

Bamboo straws are safe as compared to plastic straws. These straws are certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Generally, plastic straws are made from harmful chemicals like polypropylene. The particles get absorbed into the hot drink which makes it toxic. Bamboo straws are completely made from bamboo woods. Also, bamboo is healthy and has no side effects being insecticide and pesticide-free.

  • Style with a message

Along with reducing the use of plastic, bamboo straws are used as a fashion and lifestyle aspect in today’s world. It is considered as a style note of the individual. In this way, you are also spreading awareness to other people about the damage of plastic on our environment. It can also be used by children. Also, it does not affect the taste of the drinks.

  • Reusable

Bamboo straws are reusable and can be used for up to years. They should be stored well and clean after every use with water. They should not be stored in an airtight container.There are many bamboo straws available in the market. A set of bamboo straws will last for a long time (years). They don’t rot and do not emit harmful chemicals too. They can be reused, but not recycled.

  • Affordable

As compared to plastic straws, bamboo straws are much cheaper ensuring the longevity of the product. In this way, you are reducing the major problem of our world and saving your money at the same time. A pack of bamboo straws comes in 10-20 straws in variable sizes. The cost of a pack varies from $6-20 which can go up to years and years.

  • Biodegradable

The bamboo straws arebiodegradable and possess the eco-friendly properties of the bamboo plant. It decomposes within 4-6 months whereas plastic straws decompose after 150-200 years. You can yourself decompose the bamboo straw without throwing them away. Borrow the straw in the compost pit in small pieces. Voila! Your fertilizer is also ready without any hotch-poach.


Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws? (www.bamzoo.in)
  • Hygienic

Bamboo straws have a binding agent called Bamboo Kun which is an anti-microbial agent and protects against harmful chemicals. Bamboo straws don’t have a rough texture that will not hurt your teeth and mouth while drinking. Also, for the people who bite their straw, bamboo straw is best for them wherein while using plastic straws the toxic materials might enter the body.

  • Hassel-free clean

A bamboo straw can be used several times, so clean it after every use. They can be easily maintained, even by a child. Cleaning can be done simply by using water. A deep clean is a boon for the bamboo straws after every 10 uses with hot water or vinegar. After washing, dry the straws properly in a horizontal position. Now, how to identify the right time to dispose of your bamboo straw? Whenever you see edges to be a bit messy, that’s the time to dispose of your bamboo straw.


Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws? (www.bamzoo.in)
  • Compact and Portable

You can carry your bamboo straw whenever you go out. It fits in purses and bags which makes it handy to use. Bamboo straws are well-finished and do not have sharp edges. These come in various sizes with varying diameters, so fit in every occasion. Some have polished and painted sculptures on the straws if you want a customized and fun vibe. Bamboo is known as the strongest wood in the world, so it will not break down easily.

  • Save Environment

Every step of ours counts as either a saving or disaster step for the environment. So, to save our Mother Earth, switching from plastic straws to bamboo straws should be done in every aspect. Plastics are a major concern. The fact is that we can’t completely refuse plastic, but at least we can try to refuse and reduce it.



If you are worried about the environment and don’t know how to contribute to it. These small steps help in a big problem of our planet i.e., usage of plastic.Bamboo straws are an all-natural product that makes them safe to use. Bamboo is used sincethe ancient era and grows in tropical and temperate climates. It is used for making decorative, furniture, construction sites, food, fabrics, biofuel, charcoal, and much more.

Plastic requires many years to degrade, but it does not degrade completely. The small pieces of plastic accumulate in our water sources, and ultimately, we are drinking plastic some or the other way. Along with sources, it is damaging the ecosystem (animals and plants)to a great extent.

Say no to plastic straws! Help to get withdraw!


Why Should You Use Bamboo Straws? (www.bamzoo.in)