Kamakhya Temple, Assam: Everything You Need to Know About The Oldest Temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya

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Kamakhya Temple, Assam: Everything You Need to Know About The Oldest Temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya

Author: Namita Trilok Chandra

The Kamakhya Temple in Assam is a Sakta temple that is dedicated to the mother goddess, Kamakhya. The interesting fact about this temple is that it is the oldest temple that pays homage to Kamakhya. This historical monument is the main complex that has individual temples paying their respects to the ten Mahavidyas of Saktism. This is an autochthonous place of worship and is one of the most widely visited temples by Hindus especially the Tantric worshippers.

A look into the history behind the Kamakhya Temple

The mother goddess, Kamakhya has been worshipped right from the 4th century. Many historians have explained that the Kamakhya temple is an ancient sacrificial site for the tribal goddess, Kameukha of the Khasi and Garo people. In the 10th century, Kalika Purana and the Yogini Tantra also trace their origin back to Kirata.

Mlechchha Dynasty

Xuanzang, the Chinese traveler and the dynasty of Kamarupa ignored the Kamakya worship at first. This means the temple was not constructed in the 7th century. However, many archaeological studies have submitted evidence showing that the temple was put up during the 8th and 9th centuries and was constructed during the Mlechchha dynasty period with a Malava style.

The Palas of Kamarupa Kings

The Palas of Kamarupa Kings, Indra Pala, and Dharma Pala were huge followers of the Tantrik worship and this was the same time that the mother goddess, Kamakhya was becoming an important part of Tantrik worship. The 10th century saw the whole rise of the Kamkhya worship and the Sahajia cult also rose to prominence in the same period. It is found from Tibetan records that some of the eminent Buddhist professors in Tibet, of the tenth and the eleventh centuries, hailed from Kamarupa

The Medieval Period

However, the medieval period has a different theory about the temple. It is said that the temple was destroyed by Kalapahar. However, this theory cannot be proved because the year of reconstruction is stated as 1565 which precedes the time period that Kalapahar came into rule. The ruins of the temple were discovered by Vishwasingha who was the founder of the Koch Dynasty. His son, Nara Narayan saw that temple being completed under his rule in 1565. The reconstruction of the temple was done with the use of materials from the original temple.

Dynasty of Koch and Ahoms

Banerji records that the Koch building exists further finished overall rulers of the Ahom historically. accompanying remains of the former Koch house of worship cautiously maintain By the end of 1658, the Ahoms under ruler Jayadhvaj Singha bear to overcome the Kamrup and following in position or time the Battle of Itakhuli the Ahoms bear unbroken control over the house of worship. The kings, who happen advocates of Shaivite or Shakta carry on to support the house of worship by repair and renovating it.

Siba Singha

Rudra Singha invited Krishnaram Bhattacharyya, an important mahant of the Shakta sect the one settled Malipota, familiar Santipur fashionable Nadia district, hopeful him the care of the Kamakhya place of worship to him; but it happens his heir and son Siba Singha on becoming the king, who completed the promise. The Mahant and his successors meet expectations that exist familiar as Parbatiya Gosains, as they resided in addition to the Nilachal pile. Many Kamakhya man who is a minister in the roman or orthodox catholic church and up-to-date Saktas of Assam are either believer or person in the line of ancestry of the Parbatiya Gosains, or of the Nati and Na Gosains


Kamakhya Temple, Assam: Everything You Need to Know About The Oldest Temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya

The Different Types of Worships

Kalika Purana

The Kalika Purana, an old introduced Sanskrit explains in speech Kamakhya as the yielder of all desires, the young female marriage partner of Shiva, and the giver of rescue. Shakti happen popular as Kamakhya. Tantra happens elementary to worship, fashionable the precincts concerning this ancient house of worship of the earth personified Kamakhya.

Aryan and Non-Aryan Goddesses

The worship of all-female worshiped being fashionable Assam represent the mixture of faiths and practices of Aryan and non-Aryan place where one feels comfortable in Assam. The various names guide the god exist names of local Aryan and non-Aryan goddesses.

Sacrificial Worship

According to Banikanta Kakati, skilled live an established practice among the man who is the minister in the roman or orthodox catholic church in a firm position by Naranarayana that the Garos, matrilineal human beings, present worship at the former Kamakhya place of activity by sacrificing animal of swine family.

Worship through Offerings

The god exists worshiped in accordance with two together with the Vamachara in addition to the Dakshinachara way of worship. Offerings to the goddess happen for the most part flowers, but ability involves animal sacrifices. In general female animate beings exist forgive sacrifice, a rule that is easygoing all the while bulk sacrifices

The Famous Legends Surrounding the Kamakhya Temple

According to the Kalika Purana, Kamakhya Temple designate the spot place. Sati used to leave a place or responsibility in the background to satisfy her romance accompanying Shiva, and it exists in addition to the place her yoni was chopped down after Shiva tandav accompanying the dead body of Sati.

The Yogini Tantra, a latter work, ignores the ancestry of Kamakhya accustomed in Kalika Purana and associates Kamakhya beside the god Kali and emphasizes the artistic typology of the yoni Due to a famous curse for one Goddess, members of the Koch Bihar royal tribe do not visit the sanctuary and avoid by turning away their gaze when passing by

Festivals Celebrated at the Kamakhya Temple

Being the center for Tantra worship the Kamkhya Temple draws the attention of thousands of tantra followers in an annual celebration known as the Ambubachi Mela. Another annual celebration exists, the Manasha Puja. Durga Puja is also acclaimed annually at Kamakhya in the middle of Navaratri in the fall. This five-day festival draws the attention of various visitors.


Kamakhya Temple, Assam: Everything You Need to Know About The Oldest Temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya

Kamkhya Temple: A must-visit heritage spot in Assam.

The Kamkhya Temple is truly a site that holds a lot of heritage, culture, and pride especially for the people of Assam. This beautiful place of worship is truly a wonder. People from all over the world come to visit this heart-captivating structure.